Urethral Reconstructive Surgery

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Primary anastamotic repairs involve excision of the stricture with reconnection of the healthy ends of urethra in a widened configuration.

After Procedure

Substitution urethroplasty involves tissue transfer techniques typically using buccal mucosa inner cheek lining grafts or genital skin flaps to build on to the stricture and increase its caliber. There are certain situations, usually when the stricture is too long, where substitution techniques are required.

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Certain cases require a combination of techniques, typically when there are multiple severe strictures present. Most patients will be able to return to their usual daily activities about 2 weeks after urethroplasty. Swelling and bruising of scrotum often progress for hours before starting to improve.

Urethral Stricture | UC San Diego Health

You may experience pain or discomfort around incision sites. Catheter should be draining. Urine may appear discolored or bloody at times. Please see catheter care instructions. If a graft was removed from the inside of the mouth buccal mucosal graft , your cheek may be swollen for hours after surgery.

Clear liquid diet immediately after surgery, then advance to usual diet as tolerated. Try to drink glasses of water per day. Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, broth, purees until chewing no longer causes pain at graft site — usually days. Get up and about as soon as possible after surgery. Walking and stairs are fine.

Urethral Reconstruction Using Cell-Based Tissue Engineering Approaches

Use an ice bag on the scrotum for the first hrs to reduce swelling. Wrap the ice bag in a washcloth. Do not apply ice directly to skin. Apply 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off while awake.

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  • Avoid lifting more than 20 lbs for one month. Avoid pressure on your incision behind your scrotum. You may start showering hrs after surgery. Avoid water stream directly on incision and dry it well afterwards. You may sponge bathe. Do not submerge in a tub bath for weeks.

    Urethral stricture care at Mayo Clinic

    Avoid driving while catheter is in place. Please review catheter care instructions. To confirm a urethral stricture and gauge the location and size of the narrowed area, Premier Medical Group Urologist Walter Parker, M. Based on the results of the urethrogram, Dr. Parker can determine whether the patient may get relief from standard first options, such as catheter dilation to enlarge the narrowed area and endoscopic urethrotomy. If the stricture is too large or the tissue is permanently damaged, he may recommend reconstructive surgery, known as urethroplasty, to open the blockage.

    Urethral Stricture: Mayo Clinic Radio

    The first surgical procedure for repair of a urethral stricture was described in a medical journal in , one hundred years ago. In contemporary times, several surgical options are available. A patient with a simple stricture generally 1 cm or less in length may be a candidate for what is called a primary or anastomotic urethroplasty. During this procedure, Dr.

    Parker excises the diseased tissue that is constricted and reconnects the remaining segments of the urethra. The procedure typically requires overnight hospitalization and use of general anesthesia. Patients with complex strictures may need a more extensive surgery, known as substitution grafting urethroplasty, in which Dr. Parker points out that this mucosa tissue is easily obtained, does not scar, is resistant to infection and usually heals quickly.

    In the case of a severe stricture, the grafting may have to occur in stages.

    Functional Outcome of Urethral Reconstructive Surgery

    Substitution urethroplasty is, in most cases, performed in an operating room under general or spinal anesthesia. Recovery time is generally four weeks. Risks from the operation include those associated with any surgery, including bleeding and infection.