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Finding the murderer will be the biggest news story to hit Miami in a decade—and it's a shame Morton won't be there to report it. For my money, this isn't one of the better Mike Shayne mysteries. For one thing, despite the bloody corpses, there's not a whole lot of action.

Moreover, this is one of those convoluted plots Brett Halliday — was the primary pseudonym of American author Davis Dresser. The thing is, though, he didn't start out that way.

Publication Order of Michael Shayne Books

In fact, unlike practically any other private eye of the time, Mike Shayne began his fictional life as a happily married man! Created by Brett Halliday, a pseudonym for writer Davis Dresser, Shane first hung out his shingle in a novel titled "Dividend on Death". Looking for an angle that would separate his new hero from the standard run of tough-guy dime novel detectives, Dresser had Shayne, "that reckless, red-headed Irishman", married to an attractive young lady named Phyllis, a strong-minded sort with a penchant for pursuing mysteries.

Think of Pam North married to Sam Spade and you'll quickly get the picture.

Michael Shayne - This is it Michael Shayne (1960) Detective TV series

The martial angle - something almost never before seen in hard-boiled detective fiction - gave the Michael Shayne novels a unique feel, blending detective work with screwball comedy. Phyllis' light-hearted exploits, combined with tight plots, made the early Shayne novels unique and popular with readers - so much so that Dresser would write six additional books featuring the character between and It wasn't long, though, before Dresser realized that Phyllis was a somewhat limited - and limiting - character. Readers of the time did initially enjoy the novelty value she brought to the plots, but their main interest remained with Shane and his investigations.

Complicating things was a movie sale; in , 20th Century-Fox bought the rights to Michael Shayne as a vehicle for actor Lloyd Nolan, who would play the part in seven second-feature programmers between and So Dresser set Phyllis aside for a couple of adventures and she, along with the comedy elements of the novels, soon disappeared altogether. With her departure, the adventures of Michael Shayne, though always well written, became almost indistinguishable from the other private eyes of the time - and that, as it turned out, was a very good thing indeed.

Michael Shayne – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

For while his private eye counterparts came and went - and Davis Dresser eventually surrendered the character to a long line of ghost writers - Shane kept pounding the pavement in novels and short stories that continued to appear as late as On radio, where postwar audiences could never seem to get enough detective adventure, Michael Shayne first appeared in the guise of Wally Maher, an actor who had already made a name for himself playing character roles on a variety of Hollywood-based dramatic series.

Blending detective plots with light comedy in much the same manner as another Mutual detective series, "Let George Do It", this series was only mildly successful and completed its run in January But this was not to be the end of Shayne on the air - not by a long shot. In , director William P. She Woke t She Woke to Darkness e.

Stranger i Stranger in Town e.

Series: Michael Shayne

Weep for a Weep for a Blonde e. Shoot the Shoot the Works e. Murder and Murder and the Wanton Bride e. Fit to Kil Fit to Kill. Date with Date with a Dead Man e.

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