Selling Solutions: How to Test, Monitor and Constantly Improve Your Selling Skills

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The back and forths could potentially be detrimental to your prospecting efforts. When setting up meetings, all you have to do is click on the Assistant. Select several timeslots that you are available. Send the email and your prospect just needs to choose.

Another meeting scheduling tool, Calendly allows your prospects to book a time with you on the time that is convenient for them. Simply set your availability on Calendly and they can book time slots.

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This ensures that you and your prospect have blocked the time off, preventing any schedule overlap. When a time slot is scheduled with Calendly, it automatically blocks the time off of your calendar.

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TimeBridge is a meeting scheduler similar to Doodle. With TimeBridge, there are more options for choosing the best time to meet. You can choose up to five timeslots that you are available or the people you invite can check their available times then the system will pick a schedule that will not clash. You can also post links to availability right on social media so other team members and prospects can arrange a meeting with you quickly.

You already write good emails. With the right tools, you can get more prospects and better results. Boomerang is a Gmail plugin that boasts of a number of key features that could help you better organize your days and connect with your prospects through email in a better manner. Boomerang allows you to send emails at a later time. In sales, timing is a big influencer of success.

Boomerang it. There are many uses for this feature for all salespeople. Want to achieve Inbox Zero? Boomerang allows you to schedule to read emails at a later time! This can work around your schedule and how you block your hours. From the marketing giant HubSpot comes Sidekick, it is a browser and email extension for emails that makes prospecting that much easier for salespeople.

Building a Sales Process: 7 Steps for Consistent Wins

What it provides you is context. Context is extremely important in sales. For each contact, you can see professional history, information, location, mutual contacts, and your conversation history. All that, right in your inbox. Yesware is an amazing email tracking tool that uses real-time analytics to help you make the right emailing decisions.

With these tracking functionalities, you will be able to measure your efforts effectively and, at the same time, get some insight as to what changes and adjustments can be made to further improve your email efforts. DocSend is another tool that helps you send the right files along with your emails. We know all that, and we also know if they switched tab. We give you really nice controls if you want to set a password, allow downloads, update your documents and more.

DocSend is perfect for prospectors. In other words, DocSend is an extensive analytics tool, but for documents.

Everything You Need To Know About Building & Scaling Your Sales Process

Salespeople need to put their best foot forward all of the time. In emails, every bit of it is representative of you and your company.

3 Things You Must Do Daily To Improve Your Sales Skills

You may have the right idea and message, but a big chunk of your performance lies on how you say it. Undo Send on Gmail and Google Apps is your lifesaver. Now when you send an email, a small temporary dialog box will appear on the top of your screen.

3 effective cross selling tips

Undo send takes back the message back into your drafts. Every salesperson has to be on social media. Use these tools to help you be a pro at it. Sharing is caring, and on social media, this is all the more important and impactful. Aside from sharing content from your marketing and sales enablement teams, prospectors need to curate content from all over the web to share on their own social profiles.

Second, self-promotion can bite you hard on social media. So much content going around, so many interesting articles to read! Canva is a photo editor and graphic design app for non-graphic designers. Its drag and drop interface makes graphics creation a breeze for sales reps. When engaging with prospects on social media, the more visual you are, the better. On LinkedIn, Twitter , and Facebook, having visuals still get the most engagements. Simplicity can never be beat.

While some salespeople will need the features and intricacies of web video conferencing apps, there will always be space for simple video call software like Skype and Google Hangouts. Profile images work better than logos or pictures of objects. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your LinkedIn ads in our LinkedIn advertising guide.

Audience considerations: Pinterest has significantly more female users than males.

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People use Pinterest to save ideas. That means the network naturally leads to shopping and purchases, but those purchases may not happen right away. Pinterest ads are called Promoted Pins. They look and behave just like regular pins. The only difference is that you pay to have them seen by a wider audience. Besides basic photo Pins, you can create Promoted Pins with video or a carousel of up to five images. However, if users save your ads to their Pinterest boards, that promoted label disappears. These saves Pins earn you bonus organic free exposure. Using the ads manager, you begin by selecting a goal for your Pinterest ads campaign.

You can target your advertising strategy to align with your business goals, including whether you pay per click or per impression. Quick tip: Since Pinterest is used for planning and generating ideas, it has a longer lead time than some other social networks.

Start running Pinterest ads tied to a seasonal or date-specific campaign about 45 days in advance. And try getting creative with the DIY nature of Pinterest as a social network. Notice that the original ad is identified as promoted. However, if a user saves the ad, it lives on as an organic post. Using the Promote button, you can create an ad from an existing Pin in just a couple of clicks. Promoted Pins created with the Promote button are always pay-per-click, so you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

Quick tip: This is a really easy way to get started with Pinterest advertising. Try promoting some of your best-performing Pins to get a sense of the kind of reach you can achieve with your desired budget. Make sure to track results over time to see the effects as people save your Promoted Pins to their own boards. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your Pinterest ads in our Pinterest advertising guide.

Cold Calling Scripts: 25 Sample Sales Templates & Tips

Audience considerations: YouTube has more male than female users. The audience is well spread out among age groups up to There are a few different video ad formats available on YouTube. These ads automatically play before, during, or after other videos on YouTube. Users get the option to skip your ad after five seconds.

The recommended video length is generally 30 seconds or less. However, if you have a compelling story with great visuals, you can run longer. Majestic Heli Ski uses longer YouTube ads to show off their incredible experiences. Half of their customers now find them through YouTube. However, a skipped ad still increases the chances someone will visit or subscribe to your channel by 10 times. Make sure to get your most important messaging and branding in those unskippable first five seconds.

These are short ads that appear either at the start of a video or at the midpoint of a video at least 10 minutes long. Make sure your audio message is compelling in case they look away to do something else while your ad plays. They appear at the end of YouTube videos.

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Start with a strong visual, stick to one message, and leave enough time for your call to action. Get all the step-by-step instructions you need to set up your YouTube ads in our YouTube advertising guide. Ads on most social networks are sold in an auction format. You set a maximum bid for a target result such as a click , or a maximum budget per day.