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Interestingly, much of the advice was not about technical skills or specific projects. Young professionals no longer stay at one job for 30 or more years — the average tenure in was closer to five years, according to the U.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find a Mentor It may seem obvious, especially in an advice article, but having a more experienced role model available to support career development was a theme among the advice we received. As in all industries, having someone who inspires you to do better and who pushes you to be your best will keep your career on the right path.

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Consider engineers that you admire and add their strengths to your own portfolio. For those engineers you do not admire, note their weaknesses and avoid repeating them. At the top of the list of skills is managing people — especially other engineers. The secret is to recognize your duty as a successful young engineer and develop your skills as a manager in an engineering business so you can create the conditions for the next generation of engineers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Brain-Computer Interface and Convolutional Neural Networks

Asking questions forces us to consider all the options. It extends our comfort zone and helps us to grow. The power of simple questions is amazing. A continual stream of learning for young engineers is required for success. You now have the study tools and confidence to continue learning as a professional. Keep Up on Other Engineering Disciplines Innovation in engineering can often come from unexpected quarters.

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Working within a common engineering environment, ABB Ability System xA Engineering supports a consistent information flow from design, through installation and commissioning, to operation and maintenance. It lays the foundation for continuous improvements in lifecycle and operation dimensions of information flow, resulting in efficient engineering and enhanced productivity. A single source of truth for all data within the system. A comprehensive set of libraries to streamline the engineering workflow. Are you looking for support or purchase information?

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